1111 International Prayer for The Return of The Promised One and Purification

We pray this prayer for personal purification, for actualization of collective destiny, and for the return of the Promised One every Wednesday at 11:11am.

Scroll down to read the prayer and take a visual journey through the meaning of 1111.

Dear Universal Father and Local Universe Father Jesus Christ Michael
(or state whatever your faith calls God),
Local Universe Mother Spirit,

We join with the 1,111 loyal midwayers and all celestial helpers.
Please create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me.

Please reveal to me my hidden faults and presumptuous sins,

that I may be clean in your sight,
that I may be able to manifest all the needs I need
to meet Your chosen destiny for me.

I also pray for those Destiny Reservists at Divine Administration,
for all their needs.

And I pray for Your soon return to Urantia/Earth
to bring immediate peace and justice
to all the peoples of the planet.

Destiny Reservists gather to pray this prayer in full knowledge that our prayers are recognized by celestial beings throughout the cosmos.

Destiny Reservists live at Divine Administration aware of the signs now taking place on this planet that have been prophesied to precede the return of the Promised One to set up a Divine Government.

The signs in the sky: UFO sightings, crop circles, weather changes, natural disasters, the separation of the good seed and the bad seed, the number 1111 being seen on clocks and other digital devices —

...by these signs we are reminded of the Promised One spoken of throughout centuries and across cultures, who has been known as

Hadhrat Isa

Kalki Avatar

Jesus Christ

Hindu/Buddhist sects
(The World Teacher)


The Messiah


Imam Mahdi

...and many other names in various indigenous cultures.

The Promised One is not on the planet at this time; all reports of this are false. When The Promised One returns, everyone will know about it.

Spiritualists know plainly the connective power of prayer, as it blurs the boundary between material and spirit, human and angel.

The numbers 1111 are an auspicious sign of the spirit reality that lies forever at the tips of our senses.

Have you ever wondered the origins of 1111?

The URANTIA Book teaches of midwayers, beings halfway between human and angel.

During the Lucifer Rebellion 1,111 secondary midwayers remained loyal to the government of Jesus Christ Michael.
They are presently on the planet today...

and every time 1111 is seen, it is a message for the promise of the return of Jesus Christ Michael, the Promised One, to Urantia/Earth.

This 1111 prayer connects us with the midwayers who act as celestial helpers in our lives and creates what Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation calls auhter energy.

We invite you to visit Divine Administration and see first hand the manifesting power of prayer in action.

Join with us in this coming together by submitting a prayer through this website. Please do not state the same prayer twice. If and when the prayer is answered, write "Answered Prayer" under your prayer request.

While you can submit a prayer online at any time, we encourage you to take a moment to pray silently any time you see the numbers 1111 for the perfect will of God to be manifested in your life. You can also join with those who gather at Avalon Gardens at 11:11am every Wednesday by reciting the prayer yourself at this time every week.

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